ACE Academy's educational program was designed with technology-integration in mind.  Due to the transitory population and grouping of students, a highly individualized method of instructional design and delivery is necessary to meet the needs of all students.  The curriculum is student-centered and strength-based, utilizing a diagnostic-prescriptive approach. Students are assessed regularly throughout the year using a variety of tools.  This provides a comprehensive look at student achievement and mastery of skills to guide their educational path. Please view our Technology Plan HERE.

In order to provide students with the Personal Education Path Plans (PEP Plans), which are created using data from student transcripts, assessment data and student feedback, technology is used where applicable for individualized delivery of instruction, while staff members provide one-on-one and small group instruction to reinforce learning.  Below is a listing of instructional software and data tools used at ACE Academy. 

Pearson GradPoint
Academy of Reading
Academy of Math
Khan Academy
Pearson Compass Suite