STEM Certification

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Students at ACE Academy are offered a variety of specialized programs based on their interests and talents to prepare them for success in a 21st Century world.  One of these opportunities focuses on STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).  Through a series of onsite STEM events presented by, we discovered that many of our students have a real interest and aptitude in STEM Education.  For this reason, ACE Academy has become a part of's inaugural class in a STEM Certification program for schools. 

ACE Academy is the first strict discipline academy in the nation to become STEM certified.  The purpose of this program is to change student perceptions about STEM Education, encourage students to be self-motivated learners and inquirers through a variety of STEM-related activities, provide professional development for teachers, and show a concentrated dedication to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math as part of our educational program. Our students have participated STEM live onsite events, taken courses in STEM career exploration, and experienced project-based learning activities focusing on STEM skills and content.  We believe this will provide many opportunities for our students to enter the world with the motivation and desire to explore different career possibilities and make a successful life for themselves.